Powerful Public Speaking 

Present online, share your ideas in a Zoom meeting, or plan ahead for a future international conference in English — with confidence.


Clarity, Confidence, and Connection



Plan with Clarity

Choose a presentation style that fits your topic and audience, organize your ideas so they are easy to follow, and communicate your message clearly. Follow step-by-step frameworks and get examples.


Be Comfortable and Confident with Your Voice in English

Worried how you will sound when you speak? Not any more. Get simple tips for a powerful speaking style. Know how to choose the right words for your audience. Practice with audio and video activities.


Express Your Ideas & Have Impact

Focus your energy on expressing your ideas, not the anxiety of public speaking in English. Use examples and proven strategies for effective communication and statements that have impact.


Captivate Your Audience

Capture and maintain your audience's attention from start to finish. From the moment you start speaking to your final summary, use your voice and words to create a powerful connection.



Stress-Free Q&A Sessions

Be ready for any question — even unexpected questions — during a Q&A session with your audience. And feel confident in how you respond every time.

Develop a powerful voice — your voice — for presenting in English.

Develop a clear, powerful voice for public speaking in English.

Whether you need to communicate ideas to team members and clients regularly, you want to present your expertise to a large audience, or share videos on platforms like YouTube, the Powerful Public Speaking Expert Series will help you:

  • plan and prepare with well-organized strategies
  • feel comfortable and confident in your English voice
  • speak in a compelling way that captures your audience
  • answer questions during a Q&A session with ease
  • engage your listeners from start to finish
  • communicate your ideas clearly
  • be heard and understood easily 

Public speaking, in any language, can be a challenge and cause stress.

But with the right strategies and a clear method for preparation and practice, you can perfect the art of public speaking in English.

The Powerful Public Speaking Expert Series is designed to help you have the impact you want when you speak.

What's Included

Live Workshops

Join live workshops for in-depth training + guided practice + feedback.

Workshop topics include:

  • Capture Your Audience's Attention Right from the Start

  • Engage Your Audience with Clear Communication
  • Make Your Message Stick with Storytelling
  • Speak Spontaneously with Confidence
  • Choose the Right Words for Meaningful Impact
  • Handle Unexpected Questions with Clarity and Poise

In-Depth Guides + Training Videos

  • Immediate access to downloadable, printable guides with easy-to-follow templates and frameworks

  • Step-by-step tips to express your ideas clearly and choose the right words for your audience 

  • Strategies to respond easily to unexpected questions during a Q&A session
  • Example videos and demonstrations for effective public speaking techniques
  • Audio samples, templates, and examples to help you plan and deliver your presentation calmly and confidently

  • Lifetime access

— Plus — 

Get 3 FREE bonuses!

FREE BONUS 1: Impromptu Speaking

This 8-page training guide gives you the exact steps to perfect the skill of thinking quickly when you need to present unexpectedly.

Whether it's a casual toast at a dinner party or a request to speak in a business meeting, use a simple formula to speak clearly with little to no time for preparation.

FREE BONUS 2: Connect with Your Online Audience

Presenting to an audience online isn't the same as face-to-face. Follow these 7 strategies for effective communication and presentations online.

FREE BONUS 3: Learn from Other Powerful Speakers

View 6 speeches by powerful speakers to help you identify the communication style that works best for you and perfect it.

What Our Students Say

"As an English learner, I’ve been through stressful and awkward situations when I wanted to share my thoughts but I wasn’t sure nor confident of how to do it. Powerful Public Speaking course guides you in the process of organizing your ideas, choosing the right strategy and getting more confident when you need to speak up, share your message and connect with people."


"I would recommend this course for beginners in the public speaking and for people with some experience as well. For beginners it will help to avoid lots of mistakes and reduce the stress, because they will know exactly what they need to do. For more experienced speakers this course will help to improve their presentation skills and get more confidence using new strategies and tips."


Yumi's Success Story

About the Live Workshops


Workshops Offered Every Month

Practice and perfect your English public speaking skills in live workshops on Zoom.

  • Monthly workshops are announced inside the Powerful Public Speaking course
  • Join workshops lead by the SCE Team with an easy-to-use scheduling calendar
  • Practice through guided activities and receive instant feedback

Note: All workshops are recorded and available to replay for 7 days.

What You'll Get with Powerful Public Speaking


Monthly Live Workshops

  • Join SCE Team Experts for live practice and instant feedback on topics covered in the Powerful Public Speaking series
  • Receive personalized feedback on presentations or meeting ideas you're preparing for work by volunteering for hot seat practice inside the workshops
  • All workshops take place on Zoom


GUIDE 1: Plan Your Presentation with Clarity (Download)

  • 42 pages with strategies, methods, frameworks, and examples for how to plan every step of your presentation
  • 3 downloadable step-by-step frameworks to develop the right presentation style for your audience
  • Sentence starters and phrases that make your speaking easy to understand and follow 
  • Ideas for how to capture your audience's attention right from the start with examples
  • Downloadable cheatsheets for sample language you can use for clarity and smooth transitions when you speak
  • Cultural tips for speaking to an American audience


GUIDE 2: Deliver with Confidence (Download)

  • 45 pages of strategies and techniques to help you feel comfortable and confidence in your voice
  • 4 audio files and videos to practice voice control methods
  • Tips to use your voice for impact and to engage your audience
  • How to choose the right words and level of formality
  • Video for body language demonstration
  • Prepare for interruptions and deal with them smoothly


GUIDE 3: Connect with Your Audience during a Q&A Session (Download)

  • 15 pages of strategies to prepare for a Q&A session
  • How to deal with rude or unexpected questions
  • What to say when you don't know the answer or need time to think
  • How to choose the right words and level of formality
  • Examples of how to ask for clarification and answer questions easily



Impromptu Speaking (Download)

  • 10 pages with the strategies and an easy-to-follow formula for impromptu speaking
  • Learn how to think quick and speak clearly without time to prepare

Included for FREE with your purchase.


Connect to an Online Audience (Download)

  • Feel comfortable and be prepared for speaking online
  • Tips to engage an online audience

Included for FREE with your purchase.


Examples of Powerful Public Speaking

  • 6 selected videos of powerful speakers — native and non-native English speakers
  • Examples of why each speaker is a powerful speaker
  • Learn which strategies best suit you and learn to use them in your own speaking

Included for FREE with your purchase.

Want a Sneak Peek?

Get a preview of the course with this welcome video on how to use the Powerful Public Speaking course.

"For me this is just exactly what I need right now for my everyday job. What is the most exciting – this is a ready to use highly effective tool created specifically to your needs! One of the best combinations of theory and practice. I’d strongly recommend the course to everyone, even in case not engaged in public speaking, as here you can find universal information applicable for any culture and situation, plus develop your personal communication skills and strong self-confidence."


"The course Powerful Public Speaking from the Confident English Expert Series is impeccable. It challenges you to think as a professional speaker while preparing a presentation, whatever your audience and goals are. It is a path that quickly makes you feel empowered and secure in public speaking and to deliver your message properly."


Powerful Public Speaking Expert Series

Get the full series — instantly.

Powerful Public Speaking Expert Series + Workshop

$149 USD


Access to monthly live workshops

Guide 1: Plan with Clarity

Guide 2: Deliver with Confidence

Guide 3: Connect to Your Audience

FREE Bonus: Impromptu Speaking

FREE Bonus: Presenting Online

FREE Bonus: Powerful Speaking Examples

Lifetime Access


Risk-Free Guarantee

Like all our products, we will provide a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. All refund requests must be received within 72 hours of purchase and clearly indicate why the refund has been requested. Please send your request by email with the date of your purchase and reason for request.

Workshop FAQs

Inside the Powerful Public Speaking course, we share:

  • A description of the workshops for that month
  • The times and dates for each workshop
  • An RSVP link so you can schedule the workshop

Every workshop is offered 2 times per month at different times to accommodate a variety of time zones.

We offer new workshops monthly. 

Example topics include:

  • Capture Your Audience's Attention Right From the Start
  • Engage Your Audience with Clear Communication
  • Organizing & Presenting Like a TED Speaker 

Monthly topics and the opportunity to RSVP are provided inside the Powerful Public Speaking course.

Each training session is an action-oriented live workshop with expert know-how, practice activities, step-by-step formulas, and the opportunity to get instant feedback in voluntary live hot seat practice.

The workshops are a combination of training, practice questions, and opportunities to chat live with your teachers.

All workshops are 60 minutes long and will be recorded with replays available for 72 hours.

The workshops are lead by SCE Team members with expertise on specific public speaking topics.

All workshops are recorded.

Students who RSVP for the workshop are provided with a link to the recording, which is available for 7 days.