Ultimate Guide to Professional 
Email & Telephone English


Get the Confidence You Want



Easily Write an Email that Is Clear & Polite

No more lost time searching the Internet for the perfect sentence. Get what you need for common professional emails — formal and informal — all in one place. Example language and templates included.


Feel Comfortable and Calm in English on the Phone

Do you lose sleep before a phone call or video conference in English? Not any more. Get simple tips and the right language you need for common professional calls.


Use the Same Phrases & Questions Native Speakers Use — No More Translating

Never worry about finding the right words again. In these guides you'll find the same language native speakers use for clear, professional communication.


Save Time and Stress with Easy-to-Follow Templates and Scripts

Use the ready-for-you templates for common emails at work. Just copy, paste, and enter your details. Follow simple scripts for daily voicemails and messages. The hard work is done for you.



Perfect Your Pronunciation for Phone Communication

Tired of people saying, "I'm sorry. What was that?" Improve your pronunciation with audio samples of what native speakers say on the phone. Simply listen and repeat to practice.

Instant Access Online Course

  • Downloadable, printable guides with easy cut-and-paste options 

  • Templates with concise, polite phrases native speakers use for natural communication

  • Audio samples, templates, scripts, and examples to help you communicate clearly and professionally — every time

  • Self-paced so you can use what you want, when you want
  • Get started instantly
  • Lifetime access

— Plus — 

Get 2 FREE bonuses!

BONUS 1: How to Deal with Upset Customers

This 10-page training guide gives you the exact steps to follow for dealing with upset customers and rude comments on the telephone.

You'll know exactly how to stay calm, reduce tension, and resolve the problem professionally — in English.

Bonus 2: Live Email Makeovers — Video Training

Learn to quickly and easily edit your emails.

In this video, I'll share my tips as I edit real-life emails from students to make sure communication is clear, concise, and polite.

"I'm fascinated with this course. It makes me feel more confident with my English at work because I already know how to easily handle phone calls and I'm not panicking about writing emails anymore. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends. Firstly, what I loved about this content was the Copy and Paste samples to write emails because I can simply adapt them to my needs. Also the formal and informal contrast you make in the documents, is really helpful to understand the differences between them in English. "

from Colombia

"I want to say thank you so much for this excellent course. I must admit I find it immensely useful. You have covered every possible situation. "

— Ana
from Serbia

"My aha moment was learning how to differentiate between informal and formal email communication. But what I liked most is listening to your advice on how to sound polite, setting the right tone when delivering sad news. I just joined you and already am learning a lot from your ideas, I refer to your email templates when writing emails. My journey with you is quite enjoyable."

South Africa

"This lesson and resources are so helpful. I love the way you provided formal and informal suggestions. Sometimes I struggle trying to find the balance for not being too formal. This is great 🙌."

from Ecuador

"All information is so well-structured, clear, adaptive for any level: if you are a starter in e-mail writing you'll learn it in a proper way. If email is your everyday job this course is also very helpful as a kind of "cheat sheet" to look up quickly the necessary phrase or acronym. "

from Ukraine

Feel stressed when you communicate in English? 

Whether you write emails daily or have a phone conference with international colleagues once per week, do you avoid communicating in English at work?

You may worry about:

  • using the right language
  • being clear or even strict but still polite
  • finding the right balance between a formal and friendly tone
  • communicating all the details without too many words
  • sounding natural and easy to understand

But doing all this takes extra time and stress. It's challenging to find the right words to say.

If that sounds like you, join me for the Ultimate Guide to Professional Email & Telephone English expert training. You'll learn the phrases you need for formal and informal communication, so you always use the right professional tone, and finally feel confident in the language you use.

Join me to get the confidence you want for daily email and telephone conversations at work. 

Want a Sneak Peek?

Get a preview of the course with these videos on how to use the email and telephone guides.

What You'll Get


  • 46 pages with examples of formal and informal language to use.
  • 18 ready-for-you templates to copy/paste. Just insert your specific details and you're ready to go.
  • Common acronyms used in professional emails.
  • Using text messages for business communication.



  • 37 pages with examples of formal and informal language to use on the phone.
  • 9 audio files to perfect your pronunciation.
  • 5 easy-to-follow scripts for voicemail and leaving messages
  • Tips to stay calm and think clearly.
  • How to say numbers and spell words correctly.



Dealing with Upset Customers — Guide

  • 10 pages with the strategies and language native speakers use to stay calm, be professional, and resolve problems with angry customers.
  • Strategies and language to be assertive when a customer is rude.

Included for FREE with your purchase.



Editing with Live Email Makeovers — Video Training

  • Watch me edit 5 sample emails from students and learn how to be more concise in your own emails.
  • Get the steps you need to better edit your own emails.

Included for FREE with your purchase.


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